Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wasatch Back Relay Legs 33 & 34

I went on another hill climb training run this morning. Jason Haddock met me at Wasatch Mountain State Park and we "ran" 5 miles up the "You've got to be kidding me" (leg 33) and part of the "Ragnar" (leg 34) legs of the Wasatch Back Relay. I'm glad Jason was with me because I would have been seriously tempted to turn back. This is grueling enough in the early morning with fresh legs. Running it after running 4 and 6 mile legs beforehand (and in the middle of the noonday sun) is going to be a challenge. The road is really dusty too.

I just realized you can't read the image too well. Basically the run was a 2200 ft climb for 5 miles from 5800 feet to 8000 feet. I now have a new documented maximal heart rate of 201 (which Carol pointed out I achieved before I even reached the first hill.)