Sunday, October 29, 2006


Jim on the Office is always putting various employees items into Jello, so when we saw the Jello at Walmart on sale for 33 cents, we had just the right idea. Mark first tried the optical mouse (too buoyant), then the remote control (too long), and finally settled on a large wad of cash he found in Rob's room. A few coins were also needed to keep the bills from floating.

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Thanks to our sponsors

We want to acknowledge that none of this would have been possible without the support of our generous benefactors, Bryce and Karen Wisan. Bryce and Karen both felt bad that they weren't able to make the wedding and wanted to make sure Robert felt their support. Without even asking for money, Bryce called up and pledged $250 to the cause, with a promise to add even more if required. I guess that's the kind of generosity that can only come from having a brother-in-law place baby powder in your car vents and 72 black crickets in your honeymoon vehicle.

And we must thank Robert himself. Certianly we had evaluated Robert's plans and it was obvious that any attempts at old blue (his car) would be futile. Strategies were discussed, and a plan made. We had planned to get a copy of his key before the spring wedding, but when the wedding was moved up, we were left a little panicked. A council meeting was held, and Casey was given an emergency assignment to obtain access to the apartment. His intelligence suggested that Robs' roomates might be around to let us in. We thought we might just have to drop by and hope we ran into them and that they would be willing to go along. But Bob came through for us and made the whole thing easy by inviting them to the wedding, where we were able to make appropriate arrangements. Thanks Bob.
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Unfortunately, my camera had a hard time focusing automatically when I took these pictures (it may have had something to do with having it set on manual focus and forgetting to focus). But you can appreciate the red glow from the light we replaced about 26 feet off the ground. All the other homes have regular white lights, but Casey's red light gives the neon banner below it a special illumination. "Robbie's Love Shack" is proudly displayed 26 feet off the ground. After putting it up, we only had one neighbor come and complain about it and threaten to call the police. "This is private property," he said. I reassured him my brother would take it down the next day. If not, he can always call the Homeowner's Board and complain.

This is also dissapointingly blurred, but Rob's house has been posted.

I showed Mark some flourescent tape I found and Walmart and asked hime to go write something with it. He paused for a brief second, and then an evil grin overcame his face and he said "I know just what to write." Hope that stuff comes off.
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Some innovative ideas from WalMart

So we were walking down the isle at Walmart and spotted a container of 4000 BB's. Now, what would you do? We did what any good Madsen with Wisan funding would do--we bought them and boobie trapped the broom closet with them. Nicole made the sign about Bob being forgiven--we've yet to hear if it's really backed up by Bryce.

Unlike many of the other ideas we came up with, this one was straight revelation. We removed the fan light in the master bedroom and replaced it with a motion sensitive flood light. 14 ft vaulted ceilings were a bit of a challenge, but nothing an acrobat on two stools couldn't handle. That might also make getting them down a bit of an issue for Bob. We also plugged in an alarm clock that plays annoying Jazz music whenever the light is on. How better to encourage a little more talk and and a lot less action?

The bed was also specially prepared with a plastic sheet under the fitted bedsheet--it will help Rob sleep comfortably like being in a bed at Grandma Snow's. Not to metion the mattress protection it provides.

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All out of love

Some families give lots of gifts to show their love. But we give of our time and talents to let "Robbie" and Julie know we love them. Has the stapler set up in the Jello yet?
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The Mastermind

Here you see the evil mastermind behind the dastardly deeds
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3AM alarm clock- 1 of 4 wakeup opportunities for the newlyweds

I guess this means they liked it

The money man - found just the items to add to his Jello

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Stairs and Kitchen

The front hallway contains a lingerie display, in case any important guests come by.
Standard streamers and decorations greet them as they arrive upstairs. Note the battery powered radio taped 14 feet off the floor at the peak of the far wall. It's tuned to classical/jazz station, and man is it annoying! Several odorous indoor scent cans were left to freshen the air for them, as well as another scentable surprise we will not discuss.

We had been incorrectly informed that Rob's car had been returned to the apartment by a roomate, so we had purchased Saran wrap. Not having another option, we decided to encourage them to sit closer together on the other small chair.

Several important messages were left on the mirrors.
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Perp #1


Perp #3


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Ever shower in soup base? We're interested to see if they like chicken bullion more than beef.

Rob hasn't cleaned his toilet in awhile. The brown in the middle is from gelatin, the ring of brown you'll have to ask Robert about.

Never hurts to give them a little realistic hint about marraige.

Hmmm. Something is fishy here.

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Mark did some work on the windows as well.
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Here's a couple of outside pictures with better focus.

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Friday, October 27, 2006