Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby blankets

Most anyone who would read this will already know that Carolyn Jane Madsen (Jane) was born on March 11th.  You can see more pictures at my Picassa Web Album or WebAlbum2 or check out Carol's blog.
After we brought her home, we realized that we had given our well-used flannel baby blankets away after Grace grew out of them.  Neighbors had kindly taken Rachel and Kimmer to a high school play, so Lindsey, Grace, and I went to the fabric store.  Gracie chose out some pink "letter fabric" she liked, and Lindsey and I picked out the brown/green fabric.  I knew Carol would love it.
That night, after Gracie had gone to bed, I sewed two little baby blankets.  Sewing is a skill I taught myself while trying to get two girls who worked at Carol's Bernina in Price to pay attention to me.  The homemade shorts I made that summer tore open in a tragically embarrassing incident, but these blankets are first class.  Pretty impressive, huh?  
 Apparently, it is still not considered manly to sew, as I was teased today in Priesthood meeting (by a member of the neighbor family that took the girls to the play and saw me sewing when they came back).  But I guess it's always been (and can only be) about the girls for me. . . .
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Tweed said... many things to say.......
First of all, I'm reconsidering taking you hunting this fall. I mean how effective can a sewer be as a hunting partner...on the other hand maybe you need some more manly experiences.
Second of all, sorry Olga rejected your quilt retreat attendance application.

Butler Family said...

Your new baby girl is absolutely adorable!! Congrats!!

Great job on the blankets!
I'm still impressed with the things you'll do to get a girls attention - Carol is a lucky lady!!

Stathis Five said...

I think Carole Would be impressed. Cute new baby and great new quilts.
Glad life is going so good.